It seems that Australia is no longer “advanced” and is a slave to the UN, the EU and the foreign minister who, on our behalf, has signed treaties such as the Lima agreements, etc. What a shame! since 2000, our exports of goods and services have doubled. And like the Paris agreement, there is no financial penalty, if you do not respect these agreements, these are just objectives. I have known about the Lima agreement since Whitlam`s election. And every government since Whitlam has slowly and gently eroded our rights. The fact is, you almost have to have a license to breathe. It is no longer a free country. I`ve been through this for years, but I didn`t know what we had to do, which is to share it with everyone, then get rid of all the political parties and start over with a government that works for us and not for themselves and their refined pockets. The DLP does not object to a country receiving its fair share. Nor would we refuse a genuine agreement to improve living standards in underdeveloped countries, but the Lima Declaration is not such an agreement. As time has said, his “demands” were more insidious than we have suggested.

That is not necessarily true. The Aussies loved their Holdens, Fords and Valiants… All designed and manufactured here. Then came the Lima agreement and it became cheaper to produce abroad. Of course, the unions helped, but it was the Lima agreement and our treacherous governments that destroyed our nation. The political system is designed to deprive us of the right to participate in our own government. We need to change that. It is an international trade agreement similar to the general agreement on trade and tariffs. 1. 11.11.11 – Koepel van de Vlaamse Noord Zuidbeweging, Belgium2.

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